Health Benefits of Frankincense

Health Benefits of Frankincense include digestive, sedative, anti-septic and tonic are all qualities and help benefits of frankincense. Frankincense oil comes from Olibanum or frankincense tree. The Benefits of Frankincenses resin which is extracted this oil is often known as Boswellia Carteri which is its scientific name.

The oil is made up of several compounds which include Octyl, Alpha Pinene and Borny and is often an ingredient that is present in incense burners and even cosmetics so it’s not just the Health Benefits of Frankincense that are important.

These uses do not only apply to modern days as t as been proven by the presence of the frankincense remains that Anglo-Saxons and Egyptians also used the oil for similar and additional purposes.

Aside from the oil having a long history of being used for fragrance and cosmetic purpose, the oil also has several medical uses. For instance one popular health benefit of frankincense is its disinfecting and anti septic qualities which eliminate the presence of germs in an infected area. Frankincense oil can be placed directly onto wounds and also works well on internal injuries. The oil will help aid in protection a wound from further infection and protect you from tetanus using the Health Benefits of Frankincense.

The Health Benefits of Frankincense

Health Benefits of Frankincense is an equal positive, the benefits of frankincense is its ability to help improve digestion and combat any digestion problems. The oil is 100% safe and when taken will speed up the secretion of the digestive system thus helping problems such as chronic indigestion and acidity.

The oil also has qualities such as astringent properties, this can help strengthen your gums, hair and can also help ease diarrhoea. You can also take the oil for carmitive purposes and the Health Benefits of Frankincense, this means it helps remove gases within the intestines thus relieving and help curing problems such as abnormal sweating, chest and abdominal pains.

If you are looking for a way to help reduce the appearance of scaring or stretch marks using frankincense oil directly onto the problematic area will help do this as it also has cicatrisant qualities.

One very welcomed health benefit of frankincense oil for those that are looking for natural alternatives to harsh medication such as Lasix is its diuretic abilities. Frankincense oil is proven to help those looking to lose water fro the body via urination . Its diuretic qualities also help removed sodium, fat and toxins from the body with the added bonus of helping to lower blood pressure which is one of the major Health Benefits of Frankincense.

The Health Benefits of Frankincense

Health Benefits of Frankincense continues: Just when you thought that frankincense oil couldn’t have any more benefits to your body. You couldn’t be more wrong, as it also has emenagogue qualities which helps reduce the symptoms of the menopause. Expectorant qualities meaning it can helps aid symptoms of bronchitis, as well as having sedative qualities, tonic qualities and even uterine qualities which helps regulate the production of oestrogen and helps reduce the risk of uterine cancer.

If you wish to blend frankincense oil you can do as it goes very well with citrus oils, lime and sandalwood oil for more Health Benefits of Frankincense.

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