Health Benefits of Oat Straw Tea

Oats are fast becoming the best source of nerve tonics nowadays. Whether you suffer from depression, exhaustion or stress, the health benefits of oat straw tea are huge. Cultivated oats, or in Latin Avena sativa, are the staple diet for many people including animals. You might eat oat leaves and stalks are chopped and dried to make the oat straw, and this draws out the most nutrition from the oat crop. Wherever there are grassy plains, Avena sativa will be grown and is popular all over the world, so there is no use thinking it isn’t available and head to the next McDonalds and eat processed, cardboard-like, ugly pieces of meat!

Oat straw tea health benefits are generally for lowering cholesterol and being an excellent source of dietary fibre. The oat straw is food for iron, phosphorous, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin K and vitamin E. Not content with stopping there, they are also rich in magnesium, potassium, protein, zinc and vitamins A and C, which are all essential for living healthily and feeling great about yourself. It is also high in trace mineral silica too. Mental well being is enhanced from these vitamins and minerals, therefore helpful for those under great stress or anxiety, and in essence, should be added to your daily routine.

The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Tea

The sweet taste of oat straw is a mask compared to its strengthening abilities. The benefits of oat straw tea helps the nerves, teeth, bones, lungs and circulation are all enhanced. Blood sugar levels are stabilised and the endocrine system is bolstered so it’s not only good for you and your body, but it is good for anyone that suffers from diabetes or a diminished endocrine system. Finger and toenails, hair and skin are also helped as part of the benefits of oat straw tea, due to the incredible way it is absorbed and nourishes those parts of you body.

By calming the mind and allowing the body to work in a normal way, it can become more healthy. As well as nourishing the body it could be said that it can be an aphrodisiac, because of it freeing the mind and body from discomfort. Bone health is increased from the calcium content. The high silica content also helps promote the strength of ligaments, teeth, skin and bones. The benefits of oat straw tea stretch to calming skin inflammation and it also helps remove toxins from the bloodstream.

The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Tea

Oat straw can be drank as a tea with the ratio of two teaspoons of the herb to one cup of water. Drink it as often as you like especially when you feel stressed or anxious.

Many use the oat straw tea benefits to your health include having an infused bath. This nourishes the body and skin, helping the cells be cleansed and helps the body excrete toxins. Varicose veins, dry skin, arthritis and poor circulation also benefit. Mix it with boiling water, allow to cool and relax in it for at least 20 minutes. This is why oat straw tea’s popularity has spiked in the past few years. You should really try it.

Due to the gluten content, only gluten sufferers should shy away from the benefits of oat straw tea. Others can have a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast time, cups of oat straw tea throughout the day and then relax in a warm infused bath. It really is that good for you that eating, drinking and using oats every day will not only help you lead a healthier lifestyle but it is one of the cheaper ways to give your immune system a boost.

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