Lime juice has a fragrant and rejuvenating citrus flavour which is not only refreshing but it is good for you. The benefits of lime juice are huge, which you will see below. Limes themselves are sweeter than lemons, usually around 3 – 6cm in diameter and are green or yellow, depending on their ripeness and variety. The zest or rind of a lime is sweet or sour, quite acidic and is used in cooking to great effect. In some countries, limes can be ground all year round and are in more demand as they are generally sweeter than lemons, and in some cases, cheaper to buy too!

The huge benefits of limes can help detoxify the body as they are packed full of anti-oxidants. These help the body get rid of an accumulation of free radicals and uric acid which causes gout.

Many people use limes as part of a weight loss plan or to combat obesity. The natural sugars in limes have less calories than other sweeteners and this helps reduce sugar intake. Other areas where lime juice helps are for those suffering with scurvy. Scurvy occurs with a lack of vitamin C, which limes are full of, and is the only cure for it. Nineteenth century sailors were given a daily dose of vitamin C to keep scurvy at bay. Those suffering with bleeding gums, wounds and ulcers can be treated by lime juice due to the super high vitamin C content.

Lime juice health benefit also help the digestive tract. The acidic nature helps breakdown food and due to the intense scent, digestive juices ad acids are encouraged, aiding to a smoother digestion which can also help constipation; which is one of the most uncomfortable and common problems with people eating the wrong foods nowadays.

The Health Benefits of Lime Juice

The health benefits of lime juice don’t stop there, it also helps cure urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Relief is gained by drinking a warm mixture of water and lime juice every few hours. The high potassium levels in limes reduces toxic levels in the urinary bladder and the kidneys.

Limes and lime juice have been used for hundreds of years as bleaching agents. It can help rejuvenate the skin as it is an anti-biotic, an anti-oxidant and has great disinfectant properties. The benefits of lime juice also stretch to eye care such as clearing up conjunctivitis; an inflammation and watering of the eyes – you can see why lots of people enjoy the amazing health benefits of lime juice.

The Health Benefits of Lime Juice Continued

The health benefits of lime juice and how to drink it. Take lime juice to combat the effects of the common cold, peptic ulcers and dehydration too. Vitamin C helps the body fight off colds and increases the resistance to further colds. Peptic ulcers are sores found in the small intestine, stomach and the oesophagus but the acidic nature of limes helps these. Dehydration is quickly flipped around with lime juice and rejuvenates the body, giving you a new lease of life and more bounce in your step.

Apart from the health benefits of limes, it can also help with removing odours, relieves mosquito bite itchiness, clean silver and brass furnishings and can be used as a room freshener. The simple little fruit is often forgotten, but just look at the incredible properties that limes have.

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